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       Blues in your pocket


Also called “pocket piano” the diatonic harmonica is  a small instrument that can fit comfortably in  pocket  the sound plaintive created by a diatonic harmonica embodies exactly the spirit of Blues  and that is why the harmonica has found its perfect place in this musical genre.

In this stage, through examples and technical explanations, the story of this small/large instrument in blues music will be told  from its beginnings, from when it imitated the train in the early 1920s to the electric blues of today

All topics will be covered with live examples and audio files.


  1. The harmonica imitates

  2. The Blues Revolution

  3. The role of the harmonica

  4. The amplified harmonica


Tool or toy?

Discover the world of the harmonica!

Workshop open to all, musicians and simply curious.

Defined as a toy, the harmonica has been used in the past in various musical genres: Folk, Classical, Country, Blues, lately it has also been used in Jazz, Fusion, World, Rock, etc.. a sign of continuous awareness of the potential of the instrument.

All the topics concerning this instrument will be addressed, from its origins to its functioning, to the differences between models, to the basic techniques up to the most extreme ones adopted by the most famous contemporary players.

Topics will be supported with live examples, all musical styles and genres will be analyzed: Folk, Blues, Swing, Soul, Rock etc..

The lesson/concert includes a real performance supported by the guitarist Cesare Coletti.

After this encounter you will no longer consider it a B-series instrument!

Gianni Massarutto: voice and harmonica

Cesare Coletti: guitar

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