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Blues Chord Harmonica


The Blueharp is a harmonica designed to play blues melodies and chords in second position (the most used in the blues) for example:

to play a Blues in E we will use a harmonica in A .

With this harmonica you can play the usual rhythmic phrases

(holes 1,2,3), the standard solo phrasings (holes 1-6) and, absolutely new,

obtain the basic chords of the blues  I°7 , IV°7 , V°7 progression.

To achieve this we have divided the Blueharp into two parts

The first is a common harmonica in standard tuning (from hole

1 to 6) which will allow you to play most of the blues lead parts.

La  second:

blowing from hole 7 to 10 you will find the IV°7 chord in this case the A7(A7)

drawing from hole 7 to 10 you will find the chord di  V°7 in this case the SI7(B7)

The tonic chord (I°7) in our example the E (E7) will be obtained by aspirating

on holes 2-5 as usual.

   Blueharp 14


new model : Blueharp 14

Playing the Blueharp has never been easier!!!


The Blueharp 14 is the  new model designed in collaboration with Bluexlab, unlike the  first model is composed of two parts :  un complete diatonic harmonica, in  plus on the left the two seventh chords.

So we have a diatonic harmonica and an ad  chords!!

To divide the diatonic harmonica from the chord harmonica  è  a space without holes was created.

This makes playing the Blueharp really easy!!!!!

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