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Gianni Massarutto has been one of the protagonists of the harmonica in the field of electric and acoustic blues for over twenty years; he has played with various formations such as Iatitaia, Doctor Love Band, Yazoo, Honky Tonk Trio etc. Bobby Solo is among the artists who request him in several studio sessions. He participates in harmonica seminars in Trossingen, Germany and is later called as a speaker on new harmonica techniques in Italy. His interests in exploring new languages for his instrument have led him to collaborate with musicians such as Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, Jimi Barbiani, Massimo De Mattia, Mauro Ottolini and Claudio Cojaniz. Worth noting are his forays into the world of theater with the show "Amatissima" based on the novel of the same name by Toni Morrison. His latest CD is "Tales from Armonauti's Land" with the harmonic trio Armonauti, a formation that won first prize at the National Harmonica League Festival in Bristol in 2012, which will invite them the following year as guests at the gala evening.

In January 2014 he participates together with Marco Naffis in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, an experience that will give him the opportunity to make a television appearance on Channel 3 and record the first CD of the Naffis&Massarutto duo in Clarksdale.

The Armonauts are invited this time to Parnu in Estonia in June 2014 to the Harmonica Festival. In 2015 with the Armonauti he participates in April at the Meeting di  harmonica in Helmond (Holland) and at the Avsenik Harmonica festival in Begunje (Slovenia).

With the Armonauti he wins the first prize of the Li Ucci music contest, a national competition dedicated to Folk music and participates in the Li Ucci Festival of Cutrofiano (Lecce), an important Taranta festival and in the MEI  label festival independent which takes place in Faenza.

With the Armonauti he recorded the blues CD “Juggin' Along” with the collaboration of the multi-instrumentalist Andrea Fiore, a project with a clear reference to the Jug Bands.

In 2016 he was invited with the Armonauti at the Asian Pacific Harmonica Festival in Taipei (Taiwan)

Prestigious festival dedicated to the harmonica where the best world representatives of this instrument take part.

In August the Armonauti are selected to play at the "Notte della Taranta" prestigious Italian folk festival held in Melpignano (Lecce) with Maestra Concertatrice Carmen Consoli.

Inventor of the Blueharp, a harmonica that allows you to play chords and melodies with the same harmonica, there are several educational videos on this  harmonica and on new techniques of the diatonic harmonica.


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“WHERE EVER WE CAN” – Iatitaia Blues Band.

“JUKE JOINT” - Iatitaia BB

“ON SUNDAY MORNING” – Beer Drinkers,

 “SWINGIN' BLUES PARTY” – Doctor Love Two Harps Band.

“MONSTERS AND NORMALS” – Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti – BMG/MEMORY.

 “NOTE DI FRONTIERA” -- Friulian jazz compilation – BOOK + CD.

“BLUES AND ROOTS”—Yazoo “SCHIELE”- Massimo De Mattia.

"SPLASC(H) records- “THE WORLD GOING CRAZY '' – Blues factory.


“LIVE AT JAM BLUES POINT” – Jimmy Joe band.

"PLAYN' 4 LIFE" - Non-profit blues band.

"I WILL LOVE" - Samuele Gamba

(on track: When I'll Knock Vocals   Lisa Hunt).

"BLUES & BEYOND" - Honky Tonk Trio.

"THE LOW SEPARATISTS" - Mauro Ottolini - artesuono.

"CARMEN THE LAND OF DANCES" Claudio Cojaniz and the Red Devils Band -Kappa.

“Tin Cup” Naffis Massarutto.


"BLUE SLIDE" Jimi Barbiani Band.

"LOVE AFFAIR" Miss Eliana.

“ JUGGIN' ALONE ” Armonauti in Blue.

“”BLUES EXPLOSION “ Fabio Steve Ulliana & Off Limits Band.

“RUSTY ROOM”   Jimmy Joe Band.

"CALL ME,  BABY" - Gianni Massarutto & The Bluesiana.

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