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Gianni Massarutto & Bluesiana is an eclectic formation that offers American black music: Blues, Funky, Soul and New Orleans rhythms are what you hear in their concerts.

Their strength is the diversity of rhythms and melodies. On rhythm:  Maurizio Moschini  on bass and Massimo Del Rio on drums, a proven rhythmic base that creates an ideal background for keyboardist Paolo Corsini who on piano and organ ranges from funky to songs more linked to the tradition of New Orleans music, to the repertoire of the organ trio with a jazz flavor

On voice and harmonica Gianni Massarutto virtuoso of the instrument known in Italy and in Europe for being an expert of modern and innovative techniques.

The Bluesiana concert is an explosion of rhythms and improvisations that will make your foot tap!!!!

2023 sees the release of their first record work: "Call me, baby".

Gianni Massarutto: voice and harmonics

Paolo Corsini: keyboards

Maurizio Moschini: bass

Massimo Del Rio: drums

Gianni Massarutto & Bluesiana

Gianni Massarutto & Bluesiana

Gianni Massarutto      & Bluesiana
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Gianni Massarutto & Bluesiana  "Call me, baby" live at Brudstock Festival
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Gianni Massarutto & Bluesiana   "Jelly Beans"  live at Brudstock Festival
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Gianni Massarutto & Bluesiana   "Black cat" live at Brudstock Festival
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